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GCAF began with a goal to provide the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious produce possible. This required a better approach than what existed to date. First, we adapted the latest farming techniques of indoor hydroponic farming through Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) which ensured consistent quality all year round. This also reduced the time from farm to table by developing hyper-local farms at the customer’s location. Our approach is to de-centralize the farm rather than create large farm operations, as we believe the smaller the better, and being closer to the end-user is the only way to experience optimum produce.


Bringing The
Farm To You

Hydroponic Controlled Environmental Agriculture is farming in a controlled setting without soil, which gives it the flexibility to be carried out at any place of your choice, indoors or outdoors. It utilizes less space and water than soil-based farming. At GCAF, we help you bring out your love for nature through this advanced method of farming.  We provide free-of-charge unit(s) to you based on a pre-set plan that is discussed with you as per your needs. Our professional and skilled team handles all permits and certifications required from the appropriate government departments. We plant the seeds, harvest the end produce, and deliver once it's ready for consumption or sale. 

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Why Us

  • The produce has impeccable taste and quality
  • The health benefits offer an unquestionable advantage
  • A Hyper-Local farm on your site at no cost to you.
  • Complete management of growing superior crops that are beyond organic.
  • Daily delivery to ensure the freshest, most nutritious crops.
  • Competitive prices in line with market pricing.
  • Guaranteed delivery year-round.
  • Traceability reports and compliance certificates for every batch harvested.
  • True sustainability in an age of limited resources.


Every farm has a dedicated grower who has been trained in line with our set of standards. They work in sterile conditions at all times and possess in-depth knowledge of every single crop grown in our farms.

A Hyper-Local farm on your preferred place at absolutely no cost.

Total management of Non-GMO and pesticides as well as herbicide-free superior crops.

Day-to-day  delivery to ensure the freshest, most nutritious crops possible.

No seasonal cost fluctuations because of fixed pricing all year round.

Guaranteed delivery at all times.

Traceability reports and compliance certificates for every batch harvested.

  Constant sustainability in an age of limited resources.


At GCAF, we believe that proximity to the customer is tantamount to delivering on our promise.

We work with the customer to consider the optimum placement of our farms in such a manner that causes minimal disruption to the customer.

Farms may be placed in parking lots, rooftops, or any other location within close proximity.

Being on-site serves multiple purposes, amongst them is eliminating transportation/distribution and thereby reducing the carbon footprint of our crops.


Based on a pre-set plan, we discuss with you the crops to produce, the quantity, etc., and provide the farms at no cost to you.

We handle all permits and certifications required from the appropriate government departments.

We plant the seeds, harvest the end produce, and deliver it to you - ready to sell or consume.

We monitor and keep records of every step in the process; all through advanced software systems specifically designed to optimize our crops.


You tell us what you need, the quantity required, and when you need it.

We will plan our crops accordingly to ensure that what you receive was harvested the same day.

In case you do not prefer daily delivery, we can still accommodate your requirements and minimize the time from harvest to delivery. Our produce will always be fresher than others.

Scheduling on-time deliveries will greatly minimize spoilage and enhance nutritional value and flavors.

Packaging can be customized depending on your specific requirements. Whenever possible, we prefer to deliver produce in re-usable containers that reduce carbon footprint. 

Produce can be privately labelled or branded under our brand.



We may not be the lowest-cost producer, but we are certainly competitive in what we produce. Given that our produce is superior in every aspect to traditionally-farmed methods, we are focused on producing certain varieties that allow us to compete. Our pricing is typically in line with organic produce even though ours is beyond organic! The good news for you is that our price is fixed all year round and you never have to worry about price hikes. Our pricing is even more attractive when spoilage is taken into account.


GCAF utilizes the latest technology in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Regardless of the conditions outside our farms, our crops are happy and growing in a healthy manner. Simply put, we control temperature, lighting, nutrients, and CO2, regularly monitoring and adjusting the pH level in the water that is delivered directly to our crops. Our produce will always be consistent year-round, in size, flavour, and nutrient value.


Every single crop is monitored at all stages of the process. Each batch has its unique identifier which allows us to provide you with its history. We provide a certificate of compliance for each delivery certifying that it conforms to our standards. In an age where food-borne bacteria has become commonplace, our produce removes the risk almost entirely and in the very rare event, if there is an issue, we can trace it. We produce our crops in laboratory conditions and back our produce entirely.


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